I’ve been thinking a lot about colour and the way it affects our moods recently. I think it’s part of winter – being inside so much makes me more conscious of my interior surroundings. It’s during winter that the colour consultant in me gets the urge to change things up in my home, to change some paint colours, swap round some furniture or get some new cushions made. Anything to brighten things up, and help lift the mood on rainy grey days.

There’s a whole study on colour psychology – as a quick Google search will show you! It’s pretty fascinating stuff, though of course like anything to do with our minds can be heavily influenced by our individual experiences. When I’m doing a colour consult I keep the psychology in mind, but mostly I like to focus on people’s personal feelings about colour. I encourage them to explore how they want to feel in their homes. Is their home a place for rest and rejuvenation? Or do they want to feel energised and uplifted? Often it is a combination of the two. We want our common areas to feel social and lively, while our bedrooms are often places we go to unwind and relax. The trick is choosing colours that will work together cohesively throughout the home, while allowing us to create the mood we’re after. 

Personally I’m a huge fan of lot’s of colour. I am a maximalist after all! In my own home we have colourful walls (and ceilings in some rooms), as well as pops of colour in our furniture and accessories. Mixing similar tones and hues means that I’m able to use a wide variety of bold colours, while still having them ‘speak’ to each other. I love to be brave with colour – I have the expertise and the experience to allow me to be confident in my choices.

It brings me joy to be able to share my knowledge and help people choose the colours that are right for them and their homes. Whether it is helping to choose the perfect neutral that will serve as a backdrop, or empowering them to make a brave choice as a feature. Whatever the brief, there are some guiding factors to making sure the end result is one that work. This is where a colour consultant can be invaluable. If you’re planning a new build or thinking of making some changes in your home I’d love to help you through the colour choosing process. Get in touch to book a colour consultation with me, to ensure you get the result you’re after.

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