Monday mornings are for climbing mountains. Once everyone is out the door and off on their ways to where they need to be, I drive out to the heads and climb Mt Manaia. This is my time – to consciously start the week in the way in which I mean to continue. The ritual is not so much about the climb, though I love starting my day with movement, as it is about the practice. I’m there to learn to be present. I’m there to feel connected to my environment. I’m there to be connected to myself. I’m there to be open and aware of what is going on around me.

Often I will find myself powering up the mountain. Head down, feet stomping, breath puffing, lost in my thoughts. Making to do lists in my mind, or mulling over something that happened before we left the house this morning. Sometimes I find myself counting steps, or wondering how far it is to the top. In these moments I try to consciously pull myself out of my mind, to remind myself to look up, to look past my next step and into the trees. To look around and appreciate where I am, rather than getting so caught up in the doing that I forget to enjoy the process. If I’m focused on the walking I lose the reason I’m there. As it is with life.

These moments of connection, of being present, these are the threads that create the beauty of our lives. I climb a mountain first thing every week to remind myself of this – to begin the week in the way in which I mean to continue. Finding these moments is an ongoing practice for me, mountain climbing Mondays are just the set up for the week. My way of reminding myself of my intention for the following days.

It’s the same with my design philosophy and the way in which I work with my clients. I firmly believe that having a connected, positive experience is the way to create a home that is a reflection of your best self. I want my clients to enjoy the process, to have fun, and to delight in the journey. By taking away the stress of where to start, by offering stylish and practical solutions to their interior design challenges, I create the space for them to relax and enjoy the design process. If you’re someone who would love to have this uplifting design experience head over to my ‘Contact Me’ page to get in touch and find out what this would look like for you.


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