Interior design trends we are loving for 2023

We all know design trends come and go. As Interior Designers our philosophy at Anna Grace Design has always been that the key to building a home you love is to decorate in a way that brings you joy, regardless of what is currently in fashion. Having said that, we do love a good design trend forecast – it’s always fun to see what is coming up, and figuring out if there are ways we can incorporate the ideas we love into the spaces we create. Whether it’s with a subtle nod to some them, or a full on jumping in, there’s something here for everyone.  With that in mind, here are four interior design trends that we are loving for 2023.


We adore a home that is a reflection of the personalities that live within them, so much so that I wrote a blog post about it here. As we move into 2023 the interior design trends we are seeing are not so much a specific look, but rather the idea of spaces that are unique, playful and out of the box. Rather than following previous trends of neutral scandi – inspired decor, we are looking towards spaces that catch your eye, that surprise and delight.


It’s no secret, here at Anna Grace Design we love colour! Interior design trends we are loving for 2023 continue to follow the direction of the past few years, with white and neutral interiors falling out of favour for more vibrant colourful spaces. As well as looking amazing, colour can be harnessed to help us manage and lift our moods, change our mindsets and bring life to a space. Whether achieved through pops of brights as accents or a full on embracing of cheerful hues, bold colour choices are officially a trend we are here for. Pantone’s colour of the year for 2023


Ahhhh maximalism! As a self proclaimed maximalist I am super excited to see this trend resurfacing. After years of seeing images of neutral, restful, minimalist spaces the move back towards maximalist decorating is a welcome one. Not to be confused with clutter, successful maximalism comes from carefully curated collections, and a well thought out colour scheme. Taking a layered approach not only in the use of texture but also colour and pattern and the display of much loved and collected items and artworks are the mainstays for this more-is-more style. From boho to glam, maximalism can be achieved to suit a wide variety of styles and tastes. 

Mixing the old and the new

Something that has always been part of our design ethos at Anna Grace Design, mixing the old with the new is becoming increasingly popular in the interior design space. As we continue to become more and more aware of how our decorating choices are impacting the environment we move away from the once-and-done, and towards the idea of reusing, repurposing and reloving older items. Gone are the days of needing everything to be shiny and new, instead we are consciously looking for ways to incorporate our older pieces into our evolving spaces. As well as being more eco-friendly, by mixing older items with new pieces we can create a space that is more personal, that brings more joy and that is a reflection of us and our stories.

Looking towards the emerging  interior design trends for 2023 has us feeling excited and inspired. We can’t wait to see how they are implemented, and how they evolve over the next 12 months.

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