Interior Designer Whangarei

About me

Hi, I’m Anna,

an Interior Designer

in Whangarei,
Aotearoa New Zealand

Interiors have always been my passion.

I have files worth of stories written by me as a child with detailed descriptions of the interior design of the homes in my imagination.

I vividly remember turning 12 and finally being allowed to move out of the childhood bedroom I shared with my sister and into a room of my own

Meticulously designed by me with matching wallpaper, curtains and bedspread!

From then on I was hooked.
My bedroom was my sanctuary – the place where I could truly express myself.

monochromatic colour schemes

During my twenties I worked as a visual merchandiser..

for a well known clothing company in Australia,
looking after over 25 shops
spread over Sydney and rural NSW.

The wide variety of store demographics meant that clear and concise communication between myself, store and regional mangers was vital.

This allowed me to work in a visually creative industry, while teaching me about the importance of listening, a skill that is invaluable in my interior design work today.

In 2012 our family returned to New Zealand.

Settling in Auckland where I completed my Diploma in Interior Design, and started working as an Interior Designer.

It was here that I began developing close relationships with my suppliers, many of whom I continue to work with today.

A move to Whangarei in 2016
brought me to where I am now.

I believe that we are all creative beings..

and that when we are able to express ourselves in our homes we create environments that allow us to thrive.

My flair for interior design and connections with my suppliers enable me to provide unique, personalised options to help my clients to achieve their visions for their home.

Let’s work together

In our initial consultation we work to really clarify your needs – how you want to feel in your home, how the space is used, what it is exactly you are hoping to achieve by working with me.

Once we’ve gotten really clear about what is required we can move on to the design process – this is the fun stuff, and where the magic happens!

Using all the information we have discovered in our initial consultation we then work to create a concept that surprises and delights you.

My design skills and industry connections enable me to provide unique, personalised options whilst meeting your practical needs and requirements. I love to incorporate existing pieces and family treasures alongside new purchases to bring together a space that is intentional and individual.

I look forward to meeting you, and to working together to create a home that is truly a reflection of who you are.

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