I’m sitting writing this in a room that is quickly becoming my sanctuary. My go to place for thought and reflection. I woke up this morning full of uncertainty and doubt – probably similarly to many of us at the moment. From my smaller community online, to what is happening on a global scale, it feels as though there is conflict, disagreement and an inability to hear the voices and opinions of one another. As 9 on the Enneagram (highly recommend checking out the Enneagram if you haven’t before, this is a great starting point) I am a peacekeeper. I dislike conflict. I like things to be peaceful and am at my happiest when people are getting along and life is nice and ‘fluffy’. At the moment, for me, there is an overwhelming sense of conflict and disagreement and it is fucking with my headspace.

And so I find myself coming more and more to this spot, to sit, reflect, be with myself and sink in to find the peacefulness within me. A place of sanctuary within my home, that is in itself a place of sanctuary in the world.

It is a new space, the one I’m sitting in. As many of us have been during lockdown I’ve been finding ways to keep myself busy, entertained and purposeful. For me this means creating. While I’m not able to go out to see clients I’ve been working on current projects, putting together mood boards online and moving furniture around in my own home. The place where I’m sitting now is the result of moving around some furniture. Done in an attempt to refresh my home and my mind, and to create some difference. Sometimes a change is as good as a holiday, right?

So I shifted a few things around, just with the intention of moving them and seeing what might happen. The result has been a spot where I come in the mornings and evenings to sit in stillness and reflect. I have a cozy armchair, a little table that holds a scented candle and my drink – coffee at the moment, tea in the evening. There is rug under my feet, and I look out a window onto trees and greenery. As I sit here I’m able to find peace again. I look out the window and feel the hamster wheel of my mind slowing. I’m able to release the feelings of worry and upset in my mind, and to bring myself back to myself. To regather and regroup. To let go of the problems of the world and focus on what is right. I’m able to feel gratitude rather than overwhelm.

This is why I practice Interior Design. I love working with all the elements, the beautiful fabrics and textiles, the immaculately designed lights, the works of art that are the custom furniture pieces. Bringing these all together to create a space brings me so much joy. But it goes deeper than that. It is knowing that the spaces we live in have a direct impact on our happiness and wellbeing. That happiness with our homes influences happiness in our homes, and happiness in our homes influences happiness outside of our homes. That when we can create and live in spaces that are a reflection of ourselves we are able to come back to ourselves. This allows us to show up for others in the best way possible. 

While we are all at home I encourage you to take some time to consider how you are using the spaces in your home. Do you have a spot where you can sit and just be? A place where you can let go of the uncertainty and anxiety and for a few moments return to peace? Somewhere you can connect – to nature whether that is a view, or a plant – and to yourself? A little place of sanctuary in your home? If not why not try shifting some things around to create one. We could all use a space for some peace and reflection right now.

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