Sometimes we just need to ask for help from an expert. If you’re looking for easy ways to improve your home, that is the best tip I can give you. Let me explain why.

I experienced this yesterday, I’ve been feeling a little stuck and low, not sure where or how to move forward from this place that I’m in. Things have gone from feeling fresh, energetic and exciting to a little stale to be honest. Not thing particularly wrong, just a general ennuie. There is a collective energy of flatness, I read a New York Times article about this, they call it languishing – the idea that there’s nothing really wrong, but also nothing really right. Your not depressed, but your not happy, either. The effects of being near the end of our second year of a global pandemic are real.

This feeling creeps up . I find it takes a while to figure out what’s going on, a few flat days, feeling ‘ho hum’ as my mum would say. And then it takes a while longer again to decide to do something about it, and figure out what it is that needs to be done. So yesterday I finally called my coach and amazing energy maverick for a session. Forty five minutes later my thoughts had completely changed around. I was excited, refreshed and supercharged with enthusiasm again. Now, I know I could have gotten there myself. I have all the tools, and I use them regularly. I could have meditated, journaled, gone for long stomps up mountains and found the spaces within myself that held the reasons why I might be feeling this way. And after a few days I would have worked through it, shifted my energy and gotten myself back on track. All of this is super important and wonderful skills to have. I have pretty much dedicated the last two years of my life to learning them, and I do the all on the regular. But sometimes we need a quick fix. Sometimes we need someone who knows exactly what they’re doing to come in, do their thing, give us a solution and get us back on track. Sometimes we need an expert. Just as I needed an easy way to improve my mindset, you might be looking for easy ways to improve your home.

That’s what I’m offering with my 1 hour Zoom consults. From within your own home we can figure out what changes you can make RIGHT NOW and give you solutions on how to improve your space. Quick, fun and easy, with instant results and a plan for the future. Go ahead and hire the expert – I can help you shift your perspective and style up your home! Head over to my Contact me page to get in touch and start the change!

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