I love spring. In this blog I’m going to give you some tips on how to create a beautiful outside room. But first let me tell you why I love spring.

The arrival of spring always feels like hope, and I love nothing more than sitting in my beautiful outside room to soak up that spring feeling. I’ve always considered spring to be the true beginning of the cycle of the seasons. The time of birth, growth and newness. Of expectation and joy. A celebration of fresh starts. Being a summer lover, the 1st September symbolises a move towards the beginning of the best time of the year, as blossom by blossom spring breathes freshness into the world.

Growing up in Canada, spring was a big deal. It really did mean massive changes in the way we experienced the world, in the way we could live. Changes for the better as far as I was concerned. After what felt like months of snow, cold, short days and mostly staying inside, the snow would melt, the sun would shine and everything would start to get wet, slushy with the melting snow. It really was like a rebirth as we would shed layer upon layer of winter clothing – hats, gloves, scarfs, boots and eventually jackets. The melting snow would make way for the grass to be revealed, brown and dead but soon turning green. Trees would begin to bud, and the days become longer. We could put the short, freezing days of winter behind us and begin to look forward to the long easy days of summer. 

Although spring is not so dramatic here in Northland, it still awakens in me those emotions, and that’s what inspired me to write this blog for you, sitting here in my beautiful outside room. The feelings of openness, ease and possibility. A revival of the soul. I keep my eyes open for the signs and the colours. The bright green blur of buds on the trees, the joyful yellow of spring daffodils, the pink of the blossom. The breeze that starts to feel warm, rather than chill, the lighter mornings and longer evenings. And the grass that starts to grow faster than we can mow it. 

I enjoy the rituals of spring, the preparing for the warmer weather and summer days that are coming. In our home that means a tidy up in the garden, ready for summer planting. Pulling the outside furniture out of storage to turn our deck to extend our living to include the ourdoors. Inside we swap cushions, put away winter throws and shuffle the furniture so that we are looking outwards, rather than the drawing inward of winter. We start to plan – projects, trips and adventures. In spring the world is full of possibilities.

This year I’ve been searching up images and inspirations for outdoor rooms. Although for the past few years we have invested in outdoor pieces and accessories that have allowed us to spend lots of time outdoors, this year I’m inspired to create an outdoor room that is an extension of our living area. I’m imagining an oasis, loads of colour (of course!), potted plants, rugs, festoon lights. There is something within me that is really drawn to creating a gorgeous, fun, summer vibing outdoor room. Because we’ve spent so much time indoors just recently, the lure of a beautiful outdoor room is pulling me. It seems as though outdoor living, gathering and socialising are the way of our ‘new normal’. Perhaps this is driving me to make our outdoor space and welcoming, comfortable and stylish as I can. I’m really looking forward to seeing what I come up with, and to be making the most of the outdoors in a way that we haven’t before.

The key to creating a beautiful outdoor room is in the layering. By pulling in different layers of texture and colour you can build up an outdoor room that is really lush and inviting. There are a plethora of gorgeous, high quality indoor/outdoor textiles available now – you can even get outdoor velvets! Make the most of all of these to add layers of interest and to create an outdoor room that calls you to come over and spend some time there. Be clever in how you use them – think cushions of different sizes and shapes in a variety of mix and match fabrics, as well as seat squabs. Think about different seating options, at different heights. Some for lounging, some for sitting or perching. What about a swing seat or hammock to really make it feel as though you’re on holiday! Don’t for get to add in some rugs, plants and outdoor lighting.

If you’re feeling a little lost hop online to get some inspiration. Pinterest has some stunning images of outdoor rooms, I have curated some on my Pinterest account if you’d like to pop over and have a look. Still struggling? Reach out to me for a free 1 hour consult via Zoom to help get you started.


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